Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Distribution Update for Dark Persuasion

Dark Persuasion now available on Kindle and Nook. It will be available on Kobo in the future. I've decided not to distribute through Smashwords any longer due to their lag time.

If you have an iPad or an iPhone and use Apple for your books, please remember you can download apps from both Kindle and Nook for your Apple Products. You do not have to go exclusively through Apple to purchase books.

As far as the print version, I've had to put that on hold this month. It probably will be delayed until July, but I'll keep you advised upon its release.

I'm happy to say I've sold a fair amount of copies already. Only one review has popped up thus far on Amazon, but I'm not surprised. On an average only .008% of the people who read any of my books leave a review, though I often get positive comments elsewhere on blogs, Facebook, and in email. I think there are a lot of shy people who read, and a few outspoken who post reviews--whether good or bad.

If you've read the book and would like to review, I'd sincerely appreciate it. Reviews, thumbs up, and agreeing with the search tags, believe it or not, help with search results on Amazon when readers are perusing. Amazon uses those algorithms to make recommendations when you're surfing. If you're too shy to write comments, you can help your favorite authors by tag agreeing and thumbs up instead. Every bit helps.

In any event, that's the current state. I'm still looking into an audio version, but that will not come about until later this year. I really want to hear this story read by a narrator, because it holds a sweet spot in my heart.

My next project, of course, is The Price of Love for The Legacy Series. My sales for the series in May were astronomical, and I'm getting bombarded for requests for book three. I recently uploaded a revised edited version of The Price of Innocence to clean it up a tad more. In mid-July, it will be offered free under the historical fiction category, rather than historical romance.

As usual, thank you to all my readers -- old and new -- for supporting my work. Without you, I'd probably have another hobby of crocheting pot holders while sitting in my rocking chair. Frankly, I prefer writing. ;-)


New Book Trailer for Dark Persuasion

A new trailer for Dark Persuasion with narrations by Lorna Bennett.