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New Trailer

New Release on Kindle

NEWS: Kindle - Dark Persuasion is up and ready for purchase.

Hope you enjoy! You can be assured, it contains a happy ending. Of course, I do tend to torture my characters before that bliss arrives.

It's Hard to Let it Go

I thought that I would post an update on the progress of Dark Persuasion's release. I've been going through another rounds of my own edits recently. 87,000 words of text can be overwhelming. I've corrected a few more inconsistencies and deleted a few more superfluous words/sentences that just don't need to be there.

The formatting of the print version is a time-consuming task. It has to look "print perfect" before going to Lightning Source to put into book form. My practice has been to work on the print version first, and then convert it to eBook HTML, which equates to additional hours of formatting. It's no easy task. The one good thing of being traditionally published, is they do all the work! Not so, with an independent author.

Most of my beta readers have read and commented. Overall, the story has been well received. I've taken to heart a few suggestions regarding rough places in the story and either clarified or expanded where needed. I …

Invaluable Eyes

If love is blind, so is proofreading. After working on the text for Dark Persuasion, the words have become a blur to me. Thank goodness, I've found a group of invaluable eyes that are helping me find my typos, missed words, and incorrect references.

Dark Persuasion is currently out to my trusted friends, some of whom have walked this path with me before. I trust their opinion regarding my stories and appreciate their help. Already, I've incited one to hate Rupert, but that was inevitable. He's probably the best antagonist I've written, except for Robert Holland's looney wife. She seems to draw a lot of comment, too.

In any event, I'm slowly correcting mistakes and polishing the interior. I'm still shooting for an early June release. I linked The Price of Deception to this blog on all the Kindles to generate interest. I sold over 1,000 copies of The Price of Deception since last Thursday, which is a miracle.

Using the KDP program to put The Price of I…

Lilly Collins - The Sister

Another character in Dark Persuasion, who plays an important role, is Lilly Collins. Charlotte has three sisters. The eldest sister is married and lives in the Americas. Lilly is her middle sister, who is also married but lives nearby. Charlotte is the youngest of the three and has a close relationship with Lilly.

Once again finding visuals is always fun. I thought the picture to the left said it all. The look on her face is priceless. Across the room sits Rupert Rochester in the parlor of her father's house visiting Charlotte. He is definitely a man she does not trust and for good reason.

You will discover that Lilly is very protective of Charlotte. In many ways, Lilly is Charlotte's eyes at important occasions such as her coming out ball. She chaperons Charlotte's meetings with Rupert Rochester and doesn't hold back her ill opinion of the man. She's also Charlotte's maid of honor at her wedding. Lilly wholeheartedly agrees that Patrick is the best choice and…