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Rupert the Rascal

While introducing you to Dark Persuasion, I've focused a lot on Patrick Rochester. Of course, with the handsome Jimmy Thomas as the visualization of my hero on the cover, it's hard not to focus in that direction.

Dark Persuasion, though, is more than a story about Patrick and Charlotte. Another main character, is Rupert Rochester, Patrick's younger brother of two years.

Today I surfed Dreamstime attempting to find a picture that came close to my visualization of him. I'm not sure this one is exactly how I picture him physically, but his actions are spot on. Now, just add a group of women standing around drooling, and you've got the picture of the flattering rogue that I've created.

Of course, like any other character, there are reasons he acts as he does. Rupert is no different. His childhood has forged him into a man who doesn't care to feel much of anything. His hobbies are to conquer women and make a study of their underskirts, rather than the law classes…

Excerpt - Dark Persuasion

With great trepidation, I give to you an excerpt. Patrick meets Charlotte. Of course, it's subject to change and further editing.
My readers wanted a tortured male. I give to you a tortured male. The character of Patrick Rochester is a dear. I loved creating him, and I hope you'll fall for him as I did! That's half the fun of romance novels, isn't it . . . falling in love.
* * * *
Patrick strolled into the crowded assembly hall of his uncle’s palatial residence. It appeared as if the entire region had been invited to the gala. The walls were lined with mingling groups of ladies and gentlemen. The sound of violins and cellos filled his ears. Dresses of silk swooshed by him in the arms of men dressed in their finest formal wear. Dance cards twirled from the wrists of women. The atmosphere radiated gaiety among the attendees. Patrick, however, could not revel in the moment. His nauseated stomach over what lay ahead would give him no rest.

He had paid particular attenti…

The Language of Congenial Intercourse

Sorry to disappoint you, but this post is not about sex. It's about congenial intercourse, which we could also term as the art of conversation. Let’s face it, our abrupt language today leaves much to be desired when compared to the Victorian era filled with manners and polite communication.
My style of writing in the past has been somewhat remiss of the way people spoke in the late 19th century. This time, I’m trying to make it more true to form. I will admit, it’s been a challenge. I don’t want my text to read like an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, who by the way had some hefty run-on sentences. Take this one for instance: 
The chill, shivery October morning came; not the October morning of the country, with soft, silvery mists, clearing off before the sunbeams that bring out all the gorgeous beauty of colouring, but the October morning of Milton, whose silver mists were heavy fogs, and where the sun could only show long dusky streets when he did break through a shine. (I’m out of brea…

Final Cover Design - Breathtaking!

Robin Ludwig has finished my cover. I'm so grateful for the beautiful job she did putting this together for me.

If you're wondering how it came about, I can tell you it's a composite of three different photos. Jimmy Thomas and his beautiful model were purchased with a different background. The background of the trees (which alone will be the back cover of the print book), was a separate purchase from Dreamstime. The banner and floral swirls came from Dreamstime, too.

I'm extremely happy Jimmy Thomas noticed and liked the cover. He's favorably commented on the design on both Facebook and his Romance Novel Covers website. Frankly, I think he deserves the best in final cover art and this proves it. He has a wonderful portfolio of photos to use in a variety of genres. Some are a bit erotic for my writing and visuals, but they're nice to drool over nonetheless.

I'm more than happy to recommend Robin Ludwig to other authors. If you have an idea of what you wan…

Editing - I Said It's the Very, Great 'ing of it All

You know what would be great? Hours on end just to write stories. Nothing else but buckets of words poured onto my computer keys, filled with conflict, romance, love, and for the most part, happy endings. That would be the life for me.

Unfortunately, the part I dislike most about writing is editing. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the rewrites. You know, it's those embellishments to your story that you make to polish it like a shiny new car. You fix those inconsistencies, add a little more umph, and perhaps another chapter or two.

What I dislike, is the tedious and difficult hours upon hours of checking that every word is in the right order, used correctly, hasn't dropped an "r" off of "your" or a "h" off of "his." It's that time you realize you should have gone back to your ophthalmologist last month and had your prescription to your glasses updated.

Then there are those dang words you just can't keep from typing. It…

The Chapters

This weekend I am going to start the heavy editing of Dark Persuasion. Hopefully, I can hunker down and focus without distraction, except for the occasional "I need attention" clawing from my cat.

I tried something a bit different for this book. Underneath each of the chapters there will be a subheading that gives a hint as to content and who is the center of attention for that particular portion of the story. As a teaser, I thought I'd share them with you today. There shouldn't be too many spoilers, except for three chapters I've deemed need to be kept unknown. Sorry, but I've omitted those subtitles to protect the plot. Muwahaha!

In other news, I've turned to Robin Ludwig, my cover designer, in desperation. I just can't seem to decide what I want for this book. The main picture I chose, the background is still under consideration, the text layout and fonts are up for grab. Robin has the eye that I don't, and I trust her to help me through th…

First Draft Dark Persuasion Completed

“And the sunlight clasps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea. What are all these kissings worth, if thou kiss not me?” (Percy Bysshe Shelley)
Is it possible to fall in love with your characters, even the despicable ones? I don't know what happened to me with this book, but I'm afraid I've fallen in love with Patrick, Charlotte, and Rupert.

When I first started, I wondered after writing three other novels if there was anything left in me to write. I guess the well hasn't dried yet, because this one turned out to be a geyser in disguise.

I started writing the last week in January, and had my first 8,000 words down by February 5th, which was a good start overall. Ten weeks later I've stuff 83,000 words into 42 chapters.

My mind was constantly musing over this storyline. It didn't stop churning but for a couple hours a day. Scenes and lines kept coming like a psychedelic schizophrenic overload. At the beginning, I was writing chapters out of order. Then …

The Victorian Wedding

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the wedding scene of Patrick and Charlotte. Of course, you know, me. I had to throw in a little conflict on the way to the altar, but you'll be happy to know they were pronounced man and wife.

Everything in the Victorian era seemed to be dictated by proper etiquette. Weddings were no different. There were rules about fashion, the time to wed, and the reception. It was quite an interesting read doing research about the subject. I tried to incorporate as much as I could within my text. Hopefully, I will not get raked over the coals in reviews for errors on my part.

If the bride married in a church, a gown with a long train and a veil of the same length was the style of the era. The veil remained over the bride's face until after the wedding ceremony. I've read conflicting statements regarding kissing at the altar, so I let Patrick have a smooch anyway.

Pure white had not yet become the standard of choice in wedding dresses. Colors varied. T…

The Antagonist

Definition (copied from

One who opposes and contends against another; an adversary. The principal character in opposition to the protagonist or hero of a narrative or drama.
I confirmed a fact during the penning of Dark Persuasion. I love writing the part of the antagonist. Actually, last evening I worked on a rather heated scene between two brothers and took liberties I've not done before. It may shock you, but how in the world can I get you to react to the antagonist if I don't shock you?
He's supposed to be despicable.He's there to irritate you and irritate all the other characters.He's the opposition who wants to ruin the happily ever after.He's the type of guy you'd really like to get rid of.
He is the antagonizing antagonist. Meet Rupert Rochester.

Rupert is Patrick's brother, two years younger. When I started the story I had thought of making him a cousin or perhaps a friend. However, as I thought about building their characters an…