Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Characters

As I begin to pen this book, I'm hesitant to tell my readers too much about the synopsis. It's going to be a bit different and unlike anything I've tackled. I like the challenge, and I hope that it makes me grow in my writing skills.

When I get closer to release, I'll open up more about the background of the story. I can only say that I'm going to have to do some heavy collaboration with certain individuals to make the story not only believable, but heartfelt as well. As a result, I hope one day to introduce you to those I've found to help me with this storyline.

Who are the characters? Well, after much agonizing I've come up with names. I'm beginning to formulate their personalities early in the story. Here is the cast:

Lord and Lady Rochester (must have aristocrats)
Patrick Rochester (nephew to Lord Rochester - that handsome likeable guy in the pictures)
Rupert Rochester (the not so likeable brother to Patrick, because we all need a rascal to deal with)

Charlotte Gray (the heroine and focus of the story)
Lilly Collins (Charlotte's sister)
Roland Gray (Charlotte's father)

There will be other characters that will come and go, of course, but for now these are the main individuals.

As far as setting, we're in the late 19th century (1890's) in England. I'll be doing some more research about the Victorian era and hope to incorporate that into the story in more detail than I have in my past works.

I'm excited to begin the process of a new book and hope to bring you a rather heart-touching story that will make you fall in love with my new tortured male character - Patrick. Thanks once again to Jimmy Thomas and his wonderful photos for inspiration and covers. The picture in this post represents the first time Patrick and Charlotte meet at a ball held by Lord and Lady Rochester. For those of you who love research, you might enjoy this website and the page regarding Victorian Era Balls.

As usual, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

"The advantage of the ball in the upper classes is that it brings young people together for a sensible and innocent recreation, and takes them away from silly, if not bad ones, that it gives them exercise, and that the general effect of the beauty, elegance, and brilliance of a ball is to elevate rather than deprave the mind." (Quote from Victorian Era Balls Website; The Habits of Good Society: A Handbook of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentleman Published in 1859, James Hogg)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Story

Inspiration for stories are often birthed in my heart in the strangest ways. My wandering thoughts and pondering of various life situations are usually the place of creation.

I know I'm due for The Price of Love, book three of the Legacy Series, but I need something in between. I had tried to write Radcliffe and had finished five chapters. However, when it came to conjuring up my paranormal ghost, I hit a road block. I just couldn't find the imagination to continue. It felt uncomfortable and the wrong time to pursue paranormal romance, and I was tired of staring at a blank page.

Dark Persuasion is bubbling up like a well at the present time. The story seems to be coming in bits and pieces and scenes are floating in and out of my mind. I seem to be grabbing them out of the air and writing the story piecemeal, which is not the way I usually work. However, when the muse arrives in a black jacket, leather boots, and handsome face, you're inclined to get motivated.

Thanks to an author friend directing me to a new website, I'm really excited about the visuals I've found on by Jimmy Thomas. As most of you know already, I love to surround myself with a storyboard for inspiration. This blog will serve that purpose. I hope you enjoy the music and the beautiful pictures.

What is Dark Persuasion about? It's an unusual story set in England in the Victorian era (where else?). By popular demand I can only say that my hero will be the tortured lover filled with anguish and guilt over one cruel act he took part in as a young boy. To find peace, he will seek absolution from a woman shrouded in darkness. It will take the art of persuasion to not only win her heart, but to keep it after she discovers his secret past.

Here we go again! Another journey into a world of fantasy and love. I hope I can bring out another full 80,000 words or more to keep my readers fascinated. As time permits and the story progresses, I'll post occasionally on this site. You can sign up for e-mail notifications when I post.

Wish me luck! I so need this, frankly. Creating characters, worlds, and romance heals my lonely soul.


New Book Trailer for Dark Persuasion

A new trailer for Dark Persuasion with narrations by Lorna Bennett.